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I wont be presumptuous and apologize for not posting for the last 3 months. I wont make excuses either. Im just going to start posting again like nothing ever happened.

I want to share what came of the “diet.” After completing the first round of the cabbage soup diet, I saw drastic results. Over those painful 7 days I lost about 9 pounds. IT. WAS. AWESOME. However, like everyone warned, I pretty much gained it all immediately back. Wah wah. But I mayyyy have gotten a little addicted to the soup and made the soup every other week for the last three months. And I will say that I eat a lot more vegetables and fruits now and have changed my diet completely. SO THATS GOOD!

On the other hand, Do I go crazy on the weekends and order takeout from my fav. mexican restaurant? Yup. LIKE YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE. Have I lost any weight? mehhh, it depends on what day you are asking me. Did I get the meat sweats over the 4th of July Holiday? uh huh. It is all relative people.

Also, I watched Mermaids: the body found, last night and I have been thinking about it all damn day. Mermaids are real! If you ever wished that you could breathe under water, or you are like me and actually believed you could breathe under water during a psychedelic weekend in college,  you should buy it on iTunes for $2.99. This shiz is cray.


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