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My new found love of vegetables has decreased my meat intake. DO NOT mistaken what I just said for me turning vegetarian again. Last time I tried that, it turned out badly. Devouring a bag of beef jerky at 3am after a month long vegetarian kick was scary. I guess you could say that I try to compliment my veggies with meat, as opposed to the other way around. Anyhow, the reason for this affirmation is I have found the BEST seasoning on planet earth for fish, steak and chicken. Hold up, I’m realizing that those two thoughts barely relate. Whatever.

I was cruising through Whole Foods with my pops on Fathers Day, searching for some good ole fashioned steaks, and the meat man recommended an “all around” seasoning. When he said that he used it on EVERYTHING, we were sold.


I normally will buy chicken at the store and grill it on Monday and eat throughout the week, complimentary to my veggies. I doused my chicky breasts in this Borsari Seasoning Salt and slammed it on the grill. The end result was pretty spectacular. This will definitely be a long time staple for me. I just felt compelled to share.

Also, a friend dropped by in the middle of my grillin’ and said “omg, what the hell did you put on that chicken, it looks awesome.” Naturally I felt cool.

I am also crushin’ on this iced tea. The Hibiscus Sangria is my fave. What I like about it is it doesn’t even need sweeteners of any kind. The natural flavor is good enough!