As I begin day 4, I am encouraged that the scale reading, which was —.- lbs when I began, now reads a full 3 pounds less! I am happy that my torture hasn’t been for nothing. I know that the obvious judgement to make about this whole ordeal is that I will just gain the weight right back. Well I say FUG YOU!  And thanks for the Fuggin confidence.

My goal with this horrific diet is to cleanse myself of some bad habits [not drinking enough water, using salt and artificial sweeteners, drinking soft drinks, not eating enough vegetables, yada yada]. Did I say that already?

Day 2 was the most challenging day so far because I am not the biggest fan of raw veggies. I can eat a bowl of steamed veggies with the best of them but raw veggies? No thanks. So it wasn’t the easiest day because there weren’t many snack options around the office. I was acutely aware of what everyone in the office had for snacks the entire day. And the sound of chip and snack wrappers have never been so loud. The only silver lining was that I was allowed to have a sweet potato with dinner, which I devoured!

Someone asked me, “Why dont you just juice?” Well, because I am too poor to buy a juicer you BRAT!

Day 3 was like heaven compared to Day 2. I grazed on yummy fruit all day with the soup for meals. I also ate a bushel of Asparagus. That was awesome for my tee tee.

4 more days to go!