I was a twisted child. That should come to no surprise. My mother recently reminded me of my strange behavior during toddlerhood that involved flashing birth pictures to my brother’s entire carpool line.

Picking up my older brother from school was the highlight of my day during those years. My mother and I used to arrive to my brother’s school with my bare feet hanging out of the window. I guess I was jealous that my brother got to go to school while I was stuck at home with nobody to play with me. Making the carpool line as painful as possible was a bonus activity.

One day, while snooping through my parents bookshelf, enjoying a snack of DunkAroosI came across a rather peculiar book titled The Miracle of Birth The book was filled with terrifying images. One, in particular, I thought was necessary to share with the carpool line that day.


My mother claims that I did serious damage to the innocent children that were subjected to the image. WHATEVER MOM!