I recently took a trip to Vegas and it was a BLAST. I hate to use the same ole cliche when talking about my trip but might I say that What Happens in Vegas, DOES NOT stay in Vegas. ESPECIALLY when certain events get blasted all over social media.

I would like to dedicate this post to the kind, and oh so dear security guards at ALL Vegas casinos. Wow, I mean, they were great. So great that I may name one of my kids after one of them, Brenda. That’s another story.

The last night we were there, after a very long day of aggressive drinking. The angel security guards could tell that I was tired, so they offered me a complimentary wheel chair ride to my room. I mean, really, what awesome service! If anyone is worried that I failed to show my appreciation, I assured them that they were my true friends after requesting that they take me to bed. Wow, true friends, true stranger friends.