One of my bestest frands in the whole wide world just got engaged. It was about fuggin time. Of course my first question for them was when they were going to start popping out babies, I love babies.

 A group of gals went and surprised her the night of the engagement and I wanted to share a DIY engagement gift idea.

The concept behind the gift came from my friend’s sister who described the wedding planning process as very stressful, much like a terrorist situation. In an effort to lighten the load of planning, We bought 10 bottles of Prosecco and designated each bottle with a milestone of the engagement. So when they set a date, PROSECCO, when they finalized the guest list, PROSECCO, when they book the band, PROSECCO!

We created little tags for each bottle, attached it with some strang, and wrapped those suckers in tissue paper. The result turned out pretty cute, I think!Image