Everyone has a partner in crime. The person that you can depend on to misbehave with you, no matter the situation. Im not just talking about someone that you can get drunk with, but a person that is your one true accomplice, someone who wont consider the consequences with you. That person for me, is Sam.

Sam also happens to be a Doctor, which I havent quite been able to understand considering all the shizz we have done together. It is a unique relationship. We are bound together by more than just love and friendship, but by pure mischief.

Recently, a mutual friend of mine and Sam’s, Lee, had her heart broken by her cheater fug boyfriend. Naturally I took on this drama to be my own when I ran into this fugger at a bar. I should also mention that I had never met this boyfriend before.

I spotted him at the neighborhood frat fest and marched right up to him, introduced myself, and let him have it. I think it went a little something like this, “Hi, my name is Suz, Lee is my friend, and I am going to cut your dickie off.” The details of our discussion are VERY unclear because I was black out. Sam informed me that I had him pinned against a wall, shaking my fist and finger at him for a good 30 minutes. Sam stood behind me with arms crossed. Sam’s only contribution was asking him to kindly steer us in the right direction to the closest Taco Bell….

Those are the types of people who make great mischief comrades, someone that doesn’t interfere when you’re making an ass of yourself and trust me, I have returned the favor on numerous occasions.