I do not like football and apparently that is a problem. I used to make fun of my friend Charles for pretending to like it for conversation purposes. I went to a college that didn’t have a football team and was able get away with my ignorance on the subject. Actually, now that I think about it, I may have built up a little disdain for the sport. Maybe Im jealous of all the attention?

But really, its a problem. It is almost a source of anxiety. I just dont think it is fun to watch, and I cannot change. I would like to think I have fun at parties, but recently I completely felt odd ballzzz.

Me at a normal party

keg Stand

Me at a party with fuggin football



This whole experience has actually been more like a social experiment. Someone actually said, “You’re not very smart, are you?” I had to take a step back and think, “HOLD UP, What is happening here?” Am I that girl? Fuggggg..