This weekend, hangin with some frandz, I was reminded of a funny little thing that happened while I was studying abroad, living with a little bald-headed spanish woman in Sevilla, Spain.

Her name was Maria Jose, she had a raspy-ass voice and was a no nonsense type lady. She also spoke zero english and I spoke very little spanish so communicating with each other involved a lot of hand gestures. The good thing about this little arrangement was that she cooked me breakfast, lunch and dinner on top of washing my clothes. I eventually got over the fact that she hung my hanky pankies out to dry for everyone to see.

A quick little spanish lesson is necessary for this story to make total sense. In spain, the letter z is not pronounced like the english z. For example, the word “buzz” would be pronounce “booth.” The word fuzz would be pronounced “footh.” Basically, everyone in Spain has a lisp. Needless to say, the name Suze, did not translate well.

So every stinkin morning, hungover or not, I was awoken to a raspy bald-headed Maria JoseImage

I should have just told her to call me Tooth.