Over the Holidays, I saw the movie Silver Linings Playbook accompanied by a cheap miniature of red wine, some of muh frands were there too. It was hands down the best movie that I saw in 2012 (besides batman). It also didn’t hurt that it had a fuggin all star cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.

Bradley Cooper plays a young teacher who had a mental break down after his divorce with his seemingly bitch ass wife. After returning from an 8 month stay at the looney hotel, he begins to put his life back together and indulges the illusion that he can salvage his marriage. In the process, he meets muh girl Jennifer who has her own nutty issues. Their first few encounters involve them one-upping each other on the crazy train. While all this is going down, they realize that they may have more to offer each other than they think.

My fav. part is when Cooper tells Lawrence that she has poor social skills (having just asked her how her husband died seconds after meeting her).

The real kicker is seeing their families cope with these nut jobs’ past and present transgressions. The movie manages to give little snapshots of how each family member is effected and is able to find the silver lining. The whole story just made my ticker flutter. GO SEE IT!