I gave it another shot. I decided to go back to the store where the first incident happened. I was having a pretty fuggin awesome day, banged out all my tasks at work and was ready relax at my hiz. When I got home, I put on my house clothes, lounged around for a little bit and decided to go visit my albino pals at the store.

There are two types of house clothes; the ones that are just for slummin and the ones that are casual but still say “I’m organized.” I was wearing the latter of the two since I was venturing to the grocery. Although it was raining and I was wearing my moccasins, I was house clothes goofin’ and just as content as could be.

I saw muh frands at the meat department, smiled, waved and quickly walked towards produce in order to avoid any prolonged conversation. After I was through the danger zone, I noticed a cute little family that I used to babysit for. I had a slight lump in my throat when I realized they caught me in my house clothes, but before I could speak, a raspy, country voice screams from behind me…

Super Market Awkward 2

Before I could even turn around, this man was bending down tying both of my moccasin shoe laces. His hands were DANGEROUSLY close to my vulnerable feet.  Couldn’t he have just told me to tie my laces????? I was perfectly capable. I AM 25 YEARS OLD!

Super Market Awkward

Lessoned learned? House clothes should remain in the house.