It has happened. My personal finances have entered a state of crisis. I have to admit, I got a little excited for the impending holiday season and have almost managed to throw myself off of my own fiscal cliff.

We all have to make sacrifices from time to time. My most recent cut back has been visiting a less than ideal grocery in my hood in lieu of my preferred supermarket. Im not positive that what I am about to say is racist or not. But I have already committed and will carry on with the story.

While I was bargain shopping, I came upon a pair of Albino twins working in the meat department. They completely caught me off guard, I was at a loss for words and kind of embarrassed myself. I have seen an Albino individual before but never TWINS! After I was able to regain my social graces, I asked them every question known to man about choosing lemon pepper chicken over honey roasted turkey. I dont know why I did that.

Although I was a little unsettled that they were working in the meat department, I am glad this grocery is such an equal opportunity employer. I will shop there again.


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