Where to begin? I’ve been threatening to start a blog for some time now. I say threaten because I bluff a lot. You could say that I have been known to go on “kicks.” Like the time I decided to stop eating meat, in the most obnoxious way. Not only did I stop eating meat, but I also tried to educate the general public on the perils of the meat packing industry.


It only lasted a month and ended when I woke up in the middle of the night and devoured a bag of beef jerky. Not a proud moment.

Hopefully this wont be another one of my kicks. One friend in particular has been less than enthused by muh blawg. Maybe thats because she is still recovering from my last few endeavors that included rescuing a dog and a get rich quick scheme.

Cant a girl process a few ideas with her best pals? I think I have worn mine out. But I think you blawgers are on to somethin and im hoping this will be a nice creative outlet. My other option was a journal, and thats fuggin lame.

So what should one expect at my new spot? I dont even know. I can tell you that I love a good shortcut, DIY’s are my jam, I like to cook (and eat), I love a good flick, local activities are my heart, beer is tasty, wine is better, freshening up my crib keeps me inspired and I love a good slow jam. DAMNIT I sound so boring.